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Exclusive brand by Alpaca 111
Kuna is the new name of the famous brand Alpaca 111, the oldest and most prestigious Alpaca brand in the market. Their fabulous garments are manufactured by the Inca Group, the leading Alpaca producer with more than 50 years of experience in Alpaca breeding and manufacturing. Members of the International Alpaca Association, and winners of several awards and recognitions, their quality is guaranteed.

More than just a name, Kuna by Alpaca 111, represents the amalgamation of two different eras and worlds: The past, through the inspiration of the rich aesthetic and the technical expressions of the old Andean cultures; and the present day, through the hands of skilled designers who select each color and create each sketch to give new life to traditional roots.

Every single garment tagged Kuna by Alpaca 111 is not only an extraordinary soft product made with the best Alpaca, Vicuna and Llama fibers; but it is also a commitment to conserve, breed and improve these species. More importantly, Kuna's efforts are dedicated to support the preservation of the Andean communities and their invaluable culture.

Kuna offers the world of fashion a style that evokes works of nature, human skills and a fabulous legacy, fusing them into a unique and captivating contemporary style.