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About Us

Alpaca Boutique is located in Hoboken, New Jersey; right across the Hudson river from New York City. In 2006 we opened our online store in San Francisco, California. We remained in the Bay Area for five years moving to the East Coast in 2011. Our founder, Elizabeth Gels, was born and raised in Peru where she learned first hand to appreciate and respect the Alpaca as a symbol of the Andes. Elizabeth moved to the United States in the late 90's to attend Boston University where she received her MBA. While in Boston she met her husband Dean, a world traveler from Ohio. On their first trip to Cusco in Southern Peru, they began developing the idea of building a business that brings extraordinary value to people. There Dean saw Alpacas for the first time and was fascinated by these animals and their unique fiber. It was then that Alpaca Boutique was born.

They found a natural fiber that was extremely soft, beautiful, warm, lightweight, organic and eco-friendly. They were convinced that Alpaca would become consumers first choice in luxurious and comfortable wear.

The next steps were years of research to find the best designers and manufacturers. Today thanks to top quality designs and textile techniques; Alpaca Boutique is proud to offer you the best collection of Alpaca apparel and accessories.

High Quality + Great Service = Customer Satisfaction

High quality is a priority for Alpaca Boutique and we stand behind all our products for 100% customer satisfaction. We teamed up with experts in the Alpaca market to find top manufacturers that comply with high standards of quality. These manufacturers respect the environment, conserve the species and provide critical support to the communities where they operate.

Alpaca Boutique's partners take good care of their employees by complying with local labor laws, hiring only adults; and providing good working conditions, fair salaries and benefits. They maintain an eco-friendly environment and ensure that the alpacas that supply the luxurious fiber are well maintained to protect their future preservation.

The Finest Alpaca Guaranteed

Fine Alpaca Fiber is as soft as Cashmere - but the Alpaca Fiber is unique. Because Alpacas had to adapt to survive the extreme conditions of the Andes, they developed hair with extraordinary thermal properties. The Alpaca Fiber is incredibly warm and strong, yet soft to the touch.

We are thrilled to present our Alpaca clothing collection, all made from the finest Alpaca in the world. Our products include sweaters, coats, ruanas, scarves, hats and more; all designed to make you look beautiful, feel comfortable and keep you warm through the coldest days of winter!